Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Wikipedia is used nowadays among most of the Internet users. Wikipedia is used so much because it offers short enough information about the things that people want to know about more. Because Wikipedia is a wiki and that way all the texts are written by the users, the language of the texts is usually rather easy to understand as well. This attracts people as well. The bad side of the Wikipedia is of course the thing that the texts may contain lot of false information.

I tried to search Hilton Hotels & Resorts from Wikipedia as well in order to see how they are represented there. In English the text concerning Hilton Hotels & Resorts -chain generally was rather short and scant. In Finnish the text was even shorter. There were couple of pictures in both of them. In Finnish side there were mentioned three Hiltons in Finland, in English there were written some other texts concerning certain Hilton hotels. Most of these hotels were quite famous ones. They were some historical buildings or their location was unique or they had been working for example as the setting of a movie. Most of these postings were really short ones and they didn't contain any pictures. But there were also good ones. Like the text about Hilton hotel in Nassau.
British Colonial Hilton Nassau

Hilton Hotels & Resorts should really use more Wikipedia as an advertising channel. They could expand texts concerning the general information about the chain to cover more languages than now (at the moment it covers 30 languages) and make the texts more inclusive. In addition to these general information they could write there information about their particular hotels. I know that this may sound quite laborious job because there are more than 500 hotels. But on the other hand there are staff working in each hotel and it would be enough if one persion in each hotel would write a text there. They should try to write their hotel information in as many languages as possible but at least in the mother tongue of the coutry where the hotel is situated and in English. Like here in Finland we could have three postings about each hotel here in Finland at least in English, Finnish and Swedish. Hotels should also watch the postings concerning their hotel in order to avoid the spread of false and harmful information.

The efficient use of Wikipedia  would give a good impression of particular hotel and Hilton chain and  make them more familiar to new people. And the best thing is that writing into Wikipedia is free of charge and could be that a complimentary way to market and advertise. So all in all Hilton Hotels & Resorts should start to use Wikipedia much much more.

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