Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mobile apps

With our ever developing, more technical and gadget-y loving society and more and more intelligent cell phones, mobile apps are programs that seem to creep into peoples minds as necessities more than "extra fun".
Ranging from games to interactive maps, some of these apps are actually useful and give a certain extra value to your phone. I admit I've been fully hooked by a few apps myself, as they tend to make my life easier.

Hilton has realized the potential of mobile apps to a certain level, as they already have an app of their own.

Developing this add would probably mean taking the app worldwide - not completely sure if it works in every place of the world yet, or in every hotel.

However, SOME areal Hiltons have also developed their own, local apps. A quick search through iTunes' Store reveals that one of these is A Hawaiian Hilton resort's iPad app.
This fancy thing provides the guests with roomservice features, local area sightseeing infos and other hotel functions inside their own iPad. Nice way to go, Waikoloa Village Resort! Other Hilton hotels could definitely consider this for their selves, as it certainly adds to a certain luxurious and modern feel of a place!

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