Monday, 19 March 2012


With over 30 000 followers and a surprisingly active Twitter account (link in the name), Hilton gets a tip of the hat from me. 

The microblog includes both links to interesting articles (such as the rising hotel room prices in Singapore) as well as direct messages to people using their hotel facilities - and tweeting about it. Which is great: Imagine hyping about your upcoming holiday and your stay in a nice suite of a Hilton (we can all dream!) ... and the hotel welcomes you before you even enter it ! 

Obviously though, with 30 000 followers and a ton more of people tweeting about Hilton as single cases, it might be hard to keep track of all of the mentions. Maybe, time permitting, Hilton could divide its account into smaller sections - like customer service, Hilton news and perhaps complaints. Or countryspecific. 

The microblog sphere might not seem like a huge deal to a conventional business mind, but one shouldn't forget that Twitter is very popular with regular people, an easy & quick way to communicate. 

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