Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hilton HHonors

Hilton Worldwide has it’s own guest loyalty program called Hilton HHonors which has nowadays over 29 million members. As a member of this program guest can earn points by staying in any of the hotels that are part of Hilton Worldwide. In addition to this guests can earn points in many other ways for example by flying with certain companies and they can also get points by using certain credit cards and in many other ways as well. In other words Hilton Worldwide company is tightly working with other companies in different industries.
 There are 4 different stages in the guest loyalty program. The stages are Blue, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The basic level is Blue and depending on the number of stays during a year at Hilton Worldwide hotels you can even rise on the highest level which is Diamond. Depending on the level on which you are you get different amounts of benefits. On higher stages guests get for example complimentary upgrade and access to ecxecutive lounge area and many other benefits as well. 
Hilton HHonors is really important tool for Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Customers who are members of Hilton HHonors are usually really loyal for Hilton. They always try to stay at Hilton in order to get all the possible benefits and rise on better level in HHonors. So that’s why Hilton should really emphasize HHonors and it’s benefits and try to get more members. In this process they should use electronical channels in many ways. They could start to send emails for their customers when they receive their reservation. Hilton HHonors should be highlighted more in their web pages, in their partners web pages (e.g. airline companies), in social media and in all possible places to get more members and that way more loyal customers. 

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