Wednesday, 22 February 2012

About Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels & Resorts (known as Hilton Hotels) is an international hotel chain. Hilton Hotels was found in 1919 by American Conrad Nicholson Hilton. Today it's one of the world's biggest hotel chains with over 530 hotels all over the world in 78 differend countries across six continents.
Hilton Hotels is owned by Hilton Worldwide which is a global hospitality company. It is ranked as the 36th largest private company in the United States (by Forbes).

Hilton Hotels is the flagship brand of Hilton Worldwide. Hilton Hotels are specialized both in business and leasure traveling. The key of success is the location: in major cities, near the airports, convention centers and in popular vacation centers.

The company has a guest loyalty program Hilton HHonours and it's one of the biggest of it's kind. The loyalty program also has partnerships with airlines and car rentals. We will tell more about Hilton HHonours later. 

In Finland, there are 3 different Hilton hotels: Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa, Hilton Helsinki Strand (in Hakaniemi by the sea) and Hilton Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

Group work // Hilton Hotels

This is a blog that is part of Haaga-Helia's e-commerce course. We (Anu, Reetta, Niklas) were suppose to choose one company from the field of tourism and hospitality so we chose Hilton Hotels. In the blog we will think of the ways Hilton Hotels could utilize e-business tools and possibilities and benefit from them. At the same time we are learning more about social media and blogging. Here you can follow our learning process!