Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Facebook adds

Facebook is maybe the most popular social media at this moment. In that way it’s also a remarkable advertising channel for companies. People spend hours in a week in Facebook and are forced to see adds there as well. The adds which people can see in their Facebook are individual but at least I haven’t ever seen any adds concerning Hilton Hotels in Facebook. Actually I don’t remember that I would have ever seen any adds concerning accommodation in Facebook. That’s why Hilton should really put some money to advertising in Facebook. It would be something fress in their advertising and marketing and it would reach a large amount of people really quickly and easily.

My opinion is that advertising in Facebook is also really neutral way to get attention. Advertising there doesn’t annoy people and that way people don’t start to hate companies which advertise there. When planning advertising in Facebook Hilton Hotels & Resorts should of course somehow try to target their adds for smaller group of people and not to advertise for all people. It would be unnecessary. They could advertise for example certain hotels for people who are living in a certain area. Like Hilton Kalastajatorppa or Hilton Strand for people living in Helsinki region. 

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