Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hilton Hotels & Resorts is using social media in a quite effective way already. Especially Hilton Hotels in Finland have put much effort on their Facebook pages. In the Facebook you can find page Hilton Helsinki Hotels and by liking it you will be able to get lot of information concerning three Hiltons in Finland. 
There are many pictures about the hotels. Including pictures inside hotel rooms and other interior and exterior photos which help customers to see easily what kind of decoration there is and what kind of looking restaurant etc. In addition to these informative pictures there are many other pictures which show other sides of the Hiltons for customers like photos about events they have been taking part or they have been organizing. Among the pictures can be found the menus of their restaurants as well. There are also links to the restaurants pages which helps customers to access more information if they are willing to.

By liking Hilton Helsinki Hotels you are able to get the latest news of three Hiltons in Finland. They tell in their news for example about all the events and happenings in the hotels. They also publish many offers and campaigns in their pages. Additionaly there are quite often some lotteries going on in which customers can win hotel and restaurant packages. These activities naturally attract visitors.
All this above mentioned things make the pages relly good already but there is still one thing which improves their pages a lot. They have a spot there were you are able to make a reservation to Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa. You have to put there the dates you want to stay there and the number of guest and after that the browser takes you to another page where you can finish your reservation. They should really consider expanding this to cover Strand and Airport as well.
All in all Hilton Helsinki Hotels Facebook pages are extremely good and a really good example of effective use of Facebook and social media. The whole Hilton Hotels & Resorts organisation should start to use Facebook in a same way than people do here in Finland. It could be a really good marketing channel for them. One thing which would still imporove their pages is the better interaction with the Facebook users. They could engourage people more to start conversation on their pages and give feedback. Telling honestly what was good in the hotels and what could be improved. Guests could ask questions there as well which would reduce phone calls to their receptions too. Unfortunately there isn’t any discussion going on right now. 

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