Wednesday, 21 March 2012

QR -code

QR-codes (Quick Response) are kind of matrix barcodes which are quite new technology for example here in Finland. But e.g. in Japan they have been really popular already for years. The idea of QR-code is that you are able to read them with a device and through the device you are able to access for example companies web pages and get more information for example about a certain product. The reading is done usually with phones which have an application for that. The increase of smartphones has made QR-codes more popular as well.

QR-codes are used generally as a part of avertising. They can be the part of the ads which help people to get more information. I have never seen any Qr-codes as part of Hilton Hotels & Resorts advertising. The reason for that is maybe the thing that Hilton doesn't advertise that much at least here in Finland and at the same time their advertising is quite conservative. Hilton Hotels & Resorts could now start to use Quick Respnse Codes as part of their advertising. Use of them would make their ads more modern and maybe more appealing to young people. It could maybe change the image of them to hippier and younger direction and help them to extend their customer group as well.

Many people have nowadays a device which is able to read QR-codes. It isn't just something that young people use. Many business men, which are important customer group for Hilton, have smartphones as well. So the advertising campaigns which use QR-codes shouldn't be targeted only for young people. There could be many several campaigns in which they could use QR-codes. My own campaign idea is that Hilton could make international banners which could be used worldwide. But to all of them they should put a QR-code which would lead the possible customers to the web pages of the nearest Hilton.

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