Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is the internet version of a very catchy spring flu. It gets its name appropriately from viruses, as it spreads from one user to another. The internet is full of "viral hits" (such as the Nyan cat), and to a business owner, a positive viral hit is is a dream come true - the costs of it are usually minimal as the audience will want to see it as it has been marketed to them by their fellows and sites like youtube.

The six principles of viral marketing

Hilton could benefit from a viral ad. For example, a funny advert or a video portraying Hilton hotels in a positive light could become a hit and associate Hilton with fun and laughter.
However, executing a successful viral ad isn't all that easy. Anyone can try to make a funny video - the internet is full of those. Most of these gather a few thousand hits - and then disappear into the vast mass of videos and ads.

No one says Hilton NEEDS to try viral marketing though, but it might be a fun change compared to more regular ad videos, such as the one below.

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