Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Final words

This is the end of our blog. Making the blog has been very usefull for us and hopefully for Hilton Hotels in Finland aswell. As we have noticed, Hilton still has a lot to improve in using e-commerce tools. Some of the things, like Facebook, Hilton is already using in very effective way. But with pretty much all the rest, it could do so much better! At the moment Hilton Hotels seems to be quite hidden in the Finnish market so the hotel chain still has a long way to go in becoming more detected and popular here. Hopefully Hilton will soon start to use all the new technology and that way market itself better. In the blog we have pointed out some things they could start with.
All in all making the blog has also taught us a lot. Some of us have learned a lot of new things about blogging and of course about all the e-commerce tools. This group work has opened our eyes to how important the new technology truly is for companies and how they could use it better.

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  1. Very informative and comprehensive posts. It was interesting to read how you can actually use all the tools to improve the marketing of the company.

    Group 2